I have a deep admiration for bloggers who manage to blog regularly!! I started this blog with good intentions to blog at least once a week. hahaha.  This is my third post, nearly two months since the last, and the time between entries is getting longer, not shorter…….
Anyway, this is the third and final installment of the magnificent French Country project by Elizabeth Cabell, and features the children’s and guest bedrooms. I will post Elizabeth’s comments verbatim – she is a marvelous writer as well as a talented and accomplished designer. Enjoy!

French Country Blue Bedroom vignette

Blue Bedroom

In Elizabeth’s words –
This bedroom is a guest bedroom for the owners grown daughter and new husband.  The Aubusson was imported from their previous home and was the guiding point for all other items in the room.  The chair and screen were purchased in an antique store for their textural qualities.  The aqua blue silk and corona were designed for the room and installed to create a special nook.  The wallpaper is an historic damask from Schumacher.  The bed is a hand made French bed made from alder wood, very hard and durable, by a wonderful company in California.  This room reflects a haphazard design process…. the planning of this room was secondary to many of the other rooms in the house and as a result items were added randomly as we found them.  The wall paper was actually installed at a much later date.   

Blue Bedroom Vignette

Blue Bedroom Vignette

This is one of my favorite photos… it’s very light and simple and portrays the design ideas so thoroughly… texture and pattern which complement and enhance each other instead of overwhelm.  The two little painted cane chairs were purchased by the owners on a buying trip in Italy and fit perfectly into the Blue Bedroom.  The light coming in from the windows offers the opportunity to read the blue and gold diamond pattern on the backs of the cane.   The large scroll was found hanging in an antique store.  This is such a peaceful spot… a great place for a demitasse of espresso and a book, or a quiet place for a chat or meditation.  It reads wonderfully as a stopping point, as intended.

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

This bedroom was intended as a guest bedroom for the owners grown son.  The etchings of Sienna, Italy, above the desk, were a guiding point in the design development of this room.  A rich historic paint color, Benjamin Moore Tyler Taupe, was selected to highlight these etchings and provide a deep rich warmth for the room.  The heavy draperies are a damask and animal print stripe from Old World Weavers and were fabricated to puddle on the floor.  The upper flags were fabricated in silk to lighter the mass of the heavy drapery beneath and to draw the viewers eye upwards towards the light reflecting texture.  Both the desk and the chair were purchased in an antique store.

Safari Tent over Beds

Safari Tent over Beds

This room was created for the owners two small boys and the entire tent was a surprise to the owner.  As the designer, I wanted to provide the children with a special place of their own.  So much attention was being afforded to the public rooms below and, while they would eventually gain an understanding of that preferential importance, for the children, their own bedroom was the important place in this relocation process.  The family had purchased several very large animals for their previous bedroom and it wasn’t a big leap into the safari theme.  The drapery workroom was totally on board with the surprise element and kept the entire project under wraps until installation day.  The fabric is all simple and inexpensive, gauze and muslin and cotton, and the basic element of construction was simple.  The impact, however, was tremendous, and I will never forget the moment when the family walked into the room.  The children were whopping and hollering and the mother simply started to cry.  It was a very special moment for me.  We have subsequently remodeled this room for one single child…. and the tent has remained 🙂

Jungle Tree Nook

Jungle Tree Nook

Again, same as above in the why of it all…. but this room had an alcove area which simply cried out for a special nook or, as I saw it, an inside treehouse.  A few of the large stuffed animals can be seen here, they provided the obvious leap into the safari theme and now currently reside inside the treehouse.  The leaves and trunk are all very inexpensive materials, expertly fabricated by the drapery workroom to convey the idea of a large hole in a tree solely for fostering creativity in exuberant children.  Apparently, as the story goes, on move in day, once the children found the nook, they didn’t leave it!

And there it is, a project so hugely splendiferous it took three blog posts to fit it all in!

This project was a treat to photograph; for the opulence of the furnishings, for the sophistication of Elizabeth’s design sensibilities,  and simply for the fun of working with Elizabeth.

You can see more of Elizabeth’s work on her website,
and her Houzz page,

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